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Hot Questions of WPC (1)
  • Do the WPC need to be painted or coating?

——The WPC can keep a nice looking in the outdoor,maintenance-free.Users can choose the color, appearance of wpc. If you have special requirements on the coating surface, the wpc can be painted, but the effect is not ideal timber.

  • Can it be planed, so that the visual appearance is more like wood

——Yes, it can be planed like wood timber. if the surface has some scratches, it also can be planed to solve this problem.

  • Is it insct-resistant and mouldproof?

——Yes.under the same conditions of use, and  compared to the natural wood, Polymer composite plastic components determines the WPC profiles  has excellent acid and alkali resistance to corrosion.

  • Will  it  deformed?

——Deformation due to moisture absorption itself is caused by factors such small, long-term there will be a slight deformation of the site by gravity.

  • Does it wearable?

——Yes. High wear resistance, 0.15g / 1000 rpm (ASTM D2394).  

  • Dose it fade?

——It will have a slight fade after a long-term using.

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