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The new year in china

publisher: Nancy
Time: 2012-01-05
       The spring festival is also called chinese new year. 
it is my favorite chinese festival. this festival is always in february, 
so i have enough time to celebrate this festival. i will visit 
my relatives and play with my cousins. on this day, 
people always bless each other. if i say “congratulation”
 or “be healthy” to the elders, they will give me
 red packets. at noon, my parents and grandparents
 usually make spring rolls to eat. in the evening, 
all my relatives have a special dinner together.
 always at 8 o’ clock, almost every family
 watch the festival get-together. at that time,
 people usually set off firecrackers. it is interesting.
 at twelve o’clock, chinese people like to hear the
 new year jow. i am always happy at the spring 
festival, and a lot of people think what a fine day it is! 

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