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The main features of the wood-plastic composites

Time: 2012-03-26
The basis of wood-plastic composite materials for high-density polyethylene and wood.composite tile fiber to determine certain characteristics of its own plastic and wood.
 1) Good processing performance
 Wood-plastic composite materials containing plastics and fibers, therefore, has a similar processing performance in the same timber, sawing, nailing, planing, use of woodworking apparatus can be completed, and the nail holding power is superior to other synthetic materials. Mechanical properties superior to wood materials. Nail holding power, usually three times the timber is five times that of particleboard.
 2) good strength properties
 Wood-plastic composite materials containing plastic, and therefore has good elastic modulus. In addition, because the mixing of containing fibers with plastic, and thus has considerable compressive strength and the hardwood, resistance to bending and other physical and mechanical properties and its durability is superior to ordinary wood materials. High surface hardness, usually of wood 2 - 5 times.
 3) water-resistant, corrosion-resistant performance, long service life
 Wood-plastic materials and their products and timber, composite wall cladding fungal resistance to strong acids, alkalis, water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and not the growth of bacteria, can not easily be moth-eaten, not long. Long life, up to 50 years.
 4) excellent adjustable performance
 Additives, plastics can occur a change in aggregation, foam, curing, modified, thus changing the characteristics of wood-plastic material such as density, strength, anti-aging, anti-static, flame retardant and other special requirements can also be reached.
 5) with UV light stability, good coloring.
 6) The biggest advantage of turning waste into treasure, and can be 100% recovery of reproduction. Can be broken down, will not cause the "white pollution" is a truly green product.
 7) the wide range of sources of raw materials
 The production of wood-plastic composite materials, plastic raw materials, high density polyethylene or polypropylene, wood fiber is wood flour, bran or wood fiber, and also need a small amount of additives and processing aids.
 8) Composite wall cladding can be made ??into any shape and size.

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