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Equipment characteristics and advantages of the composite wall panels

Time: 2012-05-15
Composite wall board equipment features dual-drive roll extrusion process, wpc outdoor furniture product sizing, ingredient, spreading, compound, complex pressure in one of the production process of the entire board, wall panels degree of automation equipment running smoothly, specifications be adjusted. Wall board equipment products surface flat, smooth, dense and high, truly realize the industrialization of the new building wall plate assembly line production. Greatly reduce the labor intensity of production. Completely changed the vertical mode, plastic wood flooring board day die casting forming many drawbacks. Such as: mold volume, turnover rate is low; required electrical heating or steam heating; a single product categories; sound insulation.
The range of application
Mainly used in building wall insulation (such as: the construction of the reinforced concrete walls, ceramic hollow brick infill walls, hollow concrete block walls, clay, porous brick walls, etc.) roof insulation system, the steel sheet roof insulation, ground insulation, so that library insulation the road foundation, widely in many fields, such as refrigerated trucks, the square ground, airport.
Wall board equipment of the production process, high degree of automation equipment, low labor intensity, pipeline operations, production process, no voice, no waste discharge. Wall board equipment with low energy consumption, without high temperature, high pressure, composite wall cladding the chemical reaction itself subjects the release of heat to the production process requirements.

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