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About of the plastic wood flooring board

Time: 2012-05-23

Glow sticks plastic tube within a base oxalate, composite decking railing some dyes, and a noticeably glass tube. Sealed inside the glass tube all over the hydrogen peroxide (peroxide) with the phthalate ester solvent. Ahead of when use, peroxide and additional compounds is just not mixed, it will not respond. To use a light stick, make sure that it gently folded, so backed up a good small tube rupture of peroxide, and shaking along, you can observe the light.

 Reaction process is invariably the case: peroxide oxidation of phenyl oxalate two molecules of phenol, a high-energy reaction intermediate in such an process, the from this intermediate will pass dyes, electron excitation state dye instability, so by means of shine back in the earth state. This light has mit reaction, what are known as chemiluminescence (luminescence).

The copious making use of the thin tube of plastic pipe is usually folded directly into the glass. Break the method, the outflow of liquid within the glass thin tube A is rapidly mixed with the liquid from the plastic tube B, a chemical reaction, in chemical reactions release energy transfer to your fluorescent pigment molecules, plastic wood flooring board fluorescent pigments to make sure you release energy offered as visible light (from high-energy states return more stable low-energy state), which convert chemical energy into light energy.

Liquid A is colored fluorescent pigments and oxalic acid diester (CPPO) dissolved within solvent solution, the liquid B can be described as solution of bleach dissolved in a very solvent, the most recognized solvent a result copious liquid chemicals polyethylene (plastic) packaging, rue . cause a great deal of damage on your body. Copious light emitted by chemical response to non-radioactive excitation dyes emit light, rather than by light stimulate the dyes emit light, are not going to harm your body. Zhao group the sake of fashion nowadays some artificial light sticks break, smear the interior of the liquid in the childs body expressed opposition, as being the light stick chemicals in direct connection with your body can cause some damage. Particularly careful via the allow the children eating.

The causes the vista that a fluorescent substances can harm the overall body, because several luminous watches, emergency lights, coupled with other mines are radioactive substances used, the dye glows at night, so people mistakenly think that the light stick can be the utilisation of radioactive substances, wood plastic terrace formed know-how about computers the mistake. People to identify a luminous light-emitting radioactive approach would likely longer the time radioactive luminous and light intensity is somewhat weaker; not emit light work for a relatively short time.

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