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WPC become popular in China

publisher: Huasu
Time: 2014-08-09

With the improvement of people's living standards and cultural quality, environmental awareness growing,

people attach great importance to the choice of green decoration materials, improving the indoor environment, ensure health.

Especially after the Expo, more and advocate the slogan low carbon buildings, making wood products and wood has become the new darling of construction, decoration, landscape areas.

Many construction, decoration, gardening, design and engineering company, has begun to wood products and wood-plastic composites as the material of choice embodied energy saving, environmental protection, low-carbon buildings.

In today's environment, promoting low-carbon economy, woodwork and wood will be used in the construction and decoration. wpc will be more and more popular in China.

Huangshan Huasu has been in these field for 8 years, and now we are top 3 in PE WPC field.

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