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Huangshan explore the establishment of the National Park System

From: newshs
Time: 2014-11-26

Learned from the Huangshan Scenic Area, the area in accordance with the "demonstration area in southern Anhui International Cultural Tourism Development Plan" requirements, recently launched the first national park in the province to create a pilot work, to create "the state and national shrines, scenic and ecological protection the powerhouse, tourism and leisure paradise. "

    Huangshan Scenic Area is the world's cultural and natural double inheritance and world geological park, but also the World Conservation Union, the Global Sustainable Tourism Committee and other members of international organizations, and the United States Yosemite National Park, Canada's Banff National Park, established friendly park relations, national park management has been committed to innovation and institutional mechanisms to pilot, improve the use of science and sustainable level of protection of the world heritage

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