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2014 China International Mountaineering General Assembly held in

From: newshs
Time: 2014-11-26

   With "I love China, Dream China" as the theme of the National Conference and the people climbing gym Tenth China Huangshan International Mountaineering General Assembly was held in Huangshan Scenic Area.

  3600 climbers climbing this Assembly were from Russia, the United States, Britain and other 50 countries and throughout the 11 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions to enroll, the number exceeded the previous climbers scale the number of participants of the General Assembly.

Including two foreign climbers up to 200 people, to become involved in the largest number of expatriates once, 19 colleges China University of Technology, Nanjing University of Technology, also welcome to join.At the same time, the General Assembly as well as 600 climbers climbers from the financial system and the transportation system involvement, since the General Assembly for the first time to participate in organized industry climbers, enriching the Assembly staff, to respond positively to the call of fitness.

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